Ten Thursday Thoughts

1. “For God so Loved the World…”

How humbled should we be to celebrate the meaning of this Easter weekend with loved ones and our Christian families! Jesus paid the ultimate price so we wouldn’t have to. Take time to praise Him for the amazing gift of grace we’ve received.

2. Less than one month to the MS150. Almost at the $1,000 mark for fundraising. Cumulative fundraising is over $4M!!!

3. While at the doctor’s office this morning…after stepping off the scale…the nurse responded with a “wow. (pause) i didn’t expect you to weigh THAT much.”

…I’m still not sure whether to take that as a compliment or not…

4. At said doctor’s office, I received a tetanus shot that has effectively numbed my left arm. Then the nurse missed my vein taking blood. Why does everyone have it out for me today???

5. Yes, to answer the many questions you’ve formulated in your head…I am overly paranoid about my health. Doctors love me because I make them money. Insurance companies hate me, because I actually get my money’s worth outta them. But I believe in the importance of seeing the dentist every 6 months, a yearly physical and bloodwork, plus any other yearly exams. You just wait. One of these days, I will be so on top of things, that the doctor will be able to catch a rare disease before it’s “too late” and you all will be so thankful to have me around for 80+ more years.

6. Can’t wait for the Ags to BTHO BYU tonight!

7. Can’t wait for UCLA to kick our butts in the 2nd round…solely for the sake of our bracket though. There’s a lot of cash up for grabs, people!

8. We are about ready to celebrate our 1 year anniversary with Maggie. Sadly, she will not get to spend Easter with her loving parents because her un-loving grandparents got new carpet and have exiled her from the house. :( :( :( Thankfully, Buster & Berkley have taken her in for a weekend sleepover party. And I bet she doesn’t even notice we’re gone!

9. New episodes of The Office will be coming to YOUR living room in April!

10. Can you tell I’m running out of things to say?

We will be making quick visits to both SA town and LG this weekend. Thank goodness tomorrow is a holiday because I can’t imagine squeezing both of those in without it. Did I mention I have worked more four-day weeks than five-day weeks since coming to APC? WHOOP!

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