I count my blessings everyday! Our lives have been richly blessed this past year with love, family, friendship, shelter, food, and MORE. Although this is a bit overdue, here are some people and things I am especially thankful for this year.

(and these are in no particular order)

1) My husband! Seth is my best friend, my rock, the love of my life, and my encourager. I wouldn’t be half the person I am without you! Thank you for providing for us, always having a positive attitude, and loving your Savior, your wife, your family, & dogs with all your heart.

2) Our house. I must admit, I was a little hesitant about our first “big” purchase in 2007 but am so thankful we found a great neighborhood and are able to have our first true home together.
3) My Chi Chi’s! We have all seen each other through thick and thin. These girls were my first friends upon moving to SA back in 1995 and we have continued a unique and special friendship for over 10 years!

4) My in-laws. Seth has a wonderful & caring family who always makes sure we’re taken care of!
5) My friends. My confidants. My roommates. My sisters in Christ. You are all so many things to me! I love you all! And even if your picture isn’t on here…you know who you are :)

6) Our Young Marrieds class at church. What a BLESSING! We have had a blast getting to know the 30ish couples in our group and I can truly call all of you good friends. This includes all the Bible study girls…I love the time and dessert we share on Wednesdays!
7) MY family. I am thankful for parents who raised us to the best of their abilities, always provided us with everything we needed and more, and sisters who have grown up into beautiful women! You always hold a special place in my heart. We are so thankful that you take care of us, love us, and support us in all we do!

8) My job! Moving to Anadarko was one of the better decisions I made in 2007. I have been blessed with an amazing boss, co-workers, and company that exemplifies servant leadership. APC takes care of its employees, provides fantastic benefits, and most of all, has given me a great job close to home!

9) Cherry Salsa. I know. I said “blech” too when I was first introduced to this, But oh, it is so fabulous. Especially the original one. It makes my day complete.

10) And last, but certainly not least. My children! You didn’t think I forgot, did you?? Maggie & Tucker bring so much joy into our lives, keep us fit, keep us laughing, and we would be so lonely without them. Even though their vet bills & cost of pet food might put us in the poor house one day, we still love them. Even though they sometime damage furniture and run away down the street so I have to chase them like an idiot, we still love them. I think I almost understand the unconditional love of a parent now. :)

Hope you all had a safe, fun, and happy Thanksgiving holiday!

Now go finish your Christmas shopping and put that tree up!

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