The Day of Mary

I hereby call today The Day of Mary. I feel like this is from a movie or TV show. Wasn’t there “The Day of Ross” or something on Friends?

Anyway. I finally got to redeem my “free prenatal massage” coupon from Seth. Heck yeah. When I got home I checked around to see if maybe he’d hidden more of those coupons around the house. He probably did, I just haven’t found them yet.

I think I could definitely get a massage everyday. Seth assured me that “if I let him be a professional golfer”, I could. Folks, I assure you, I’m not the one holding him back!

But it was wonderful and Michael the prenatal massag-ist (masseuse…whatever) is my new BFF. He also had an explanation for all my lower back pain. Supposedly. I told him it bothers me most of the time, pregnant or not. A few minutes into the massage he had an “aha!” moment and explained that my hips were out of alignment. Huh? Do I walk funny? Have I had a gimp hip for 25 years without knowing it? Am I the ONLY one that hasn’t known this?

I’m still a little suspicious about his diagnosis. But if you want to feel sorry for me you can. I won’t stop you.

After that I got a much needed haircut and definitely look like a hip mama-to-be now. Heck, I could’ve even thrown a mani/pedi in there (sky’s the limit on my own day, right?) but I opted to go buy paint for J’s room instead – YEA!

And there is our weekend project.

I love having my own day! Except I just got a phone call that hinted at this possibly turning into someone elses day!! Which is A-OK with me. More about that later…

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