The Final Chi Chi Wedding

If you’ve followed this blog long enough, I probably don’t have to explain to you what a “Chi Chi” is. But if you want the short version of the story…

Awkward middle school girls become best friends and the rest is history.

I see why you all want me to become an author now! :)

This past weekend, we packed up the truck and headed on a road trip to see Susan and Britt get married! Between 2005 and 2011, all 5 of us have found our husbands, gotten married, and even had a couple of kids. I am so glad to say that all 5 men are in love with Jesus, handsome, funny, take care of their girls, and really are just the whole package! We couldn’t have asked for anything more.

We made a pitstop in La Grange to drop Jake off at Seth’s parents house. He has not demonstrated proper wedding behavior in the past so we felt this was the best decision for everyone!! Drew continued on with us to the wedding in Wimberly and even got to see Aunt Emily & Uncle Kyle in Austin along the way.

As all babies do, there were some tears and dirty diapers throughout the evening. But considering the circumstances, Drew did great at his first wedding and we weren’t kicked out – always a plus!

Drew sleeping in Nana’s arms

Pretty much 3 seconds after I found out I was pregnant with Drew, I started crying because I wasn’t sure how close my due date would be to Susan’s wedding. I knew that I had to be there, but also knew I had a newborn baby to consider. I am so glad he was already 2+ weeks old and I was on the mend because the trip was so worth it!

Mostly because I was a little rusty on my Cotton Eyed Joe

The “Chi Chis”

Cara (due with Baby Kennedy soon!), Megan, Dabney, Suzbabe, Paula, and me

Dabney, Paula, and me

The beautiful bride and her husband. They really did have a Cinderella wedding – the horse and carriage was so cool!

Mr. and Mrs. Britt Sensat
Drew cheering on the newlyweds

Not only did we make the wedding, but we got to see Popo, Nonnie, Chase, Nana, Emily, Kyle, and tons of close family friends!

Congratulations to Susan and Britt – we are so happy for the both of you and so jealous we’re not joining you in the Bahamas this week!!

*Photos courtesy of DPhotography*

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