The Great Escape

Meet our children:

Maggie and Tucker…blameless, innocent, and sweet

Saturday morning we experienced what I like to call “The Great Escape”. We were up bright and early (note: this is happening more and more on the weekends…not by choice. This fun thing has been happening to me where I wake up and can’t go back to sleep like I used to). Seth had a return to make to Home Depot and left the house by 6:45AM (weirdo) to get started. I let the dogs out and went back to bed.

Seth got home around 7:50. Noticed that no dogs came running…nobody was barking outside…didn’t think anything of it. About 10 minutes later he comes and wakes me up asking where the dogs are. I tell him outside. He says, “I don’t think so” and proceeds to walk outside and notice the open gate.

It takes him all of 2 seconds to convey to me that the dogs are GONE and it takes me all of 0.5 milliseconds to get out the front door with the car keys before I have to run back inside and put a bra on. Sorry if that’s too vulgar for the blog. But really. It wouldn’t have been good.

At this point I am hysterical, not knowing if they’ve been gone for 10 minutes or an hour. And of course I put them outside because I was irritated so I’m thinking, “OMG, the last time I saw them I was mad at them….” and so on.

Please note I still had my glasses on and my nightguard in. Embarassing.

Seth, being the rational one, starts close to home. Me? I head to the main road, petrified that they’re already out of the neighborhood and headed for the tollroad. I drove around screaming their names, stopping anyone I saw, praying SO VERY HARD to God to help me find my precious puppies and that He couldn’t do this to me NOW, not NOW!!!!!!!!! I was already asking myself if I’d continue to look all night long if they weren’t found. How many signs I would put up…why oh why isn’t Maggie microchipped?? Oh yeah, did I forget to mention their collars weren’t on?

That was a lot of stress for a pregnant lady.

To make a very long story sorta short, our doggies were found. A man I had questioned saw them shortly after I came by his house and walked them over to our street. Saw the open gate, put two and two together, and made sure they were safely home. Seth called me with this news when I was nearly at my breaking point so I sped home to hug and kiss the dogs after giving them a stern lecture to never stray from the premises again!!!

And of course, at about this time, Georgia calls asking if we want donuts. Remember the last time she tried this? Also dog chaos. Maybe God knows right when I truly need a donut and answers some prayers :)

“I’m sorry, Mom, I’ll never scare you like that again!!”

Oh p.s. Were you wondering how the gate was opened? Talk to this guy. Clever little brat knows how to open the doors and apparently applied the skills to the fence gate as well. As soon as they were back he ran outside, jumped on the gate, and tried to manuever it open with those paws of his. The backyard is now locked.


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