The Hottest Day on Earth…

…was this weekend.

For those of you who don’t live in Texas, let me help you visualize.

Imagine sweating as soon as you walk out of your front door. Then imagine it getting progressively worse until you feel like you have to come home, shower, & change clothes after being gone for 10 minutes.

Then multiply by 15.

That was this weekend.

I would’ve taken pictures but I didn’t think the Nikon could hold up in the heat. So I’ll tell you about it instead.

Our weekend can be summarized by the following:

1. Neighborhood Garage Sale

Um, when did I become such a garage sale fanatic? I guess on Saturday! It was a phenomenon that completely blew Seth’s mind. He was speechless. I’m not sure what planet he came from and why he doesn’t understand garage sales. For example:

Seth: MARY! Look outside! There are cars ALL UP AND DOWN OUR STREET!!
Mary: Duh, I know. That’s what happens during garage sales. People come from under all the rocks to buy our junk treasures.
Seth: This is ridiculous. What a waste of time.
Mary: But Seth! People can make hundreds of dollars from garage sales!
Seth: Well if they can make that much money, they never should’ve bought any of that junk in the first place.

Sigh. Like I said, what planet did he come from?

He’s not the one with $46 extra of PROFIT to spend on something nice for himself, is he now? (Thank you Jessie for selling my junk!)

2. Running lots of errands sans child

Do you even KNOW how many things you can get done when you’re not lugging around a crying child and a 100 lb carseat?

Enough said.

3. Jake’s 1st Astros Game

This is where I’d love to share some cute pictures. Except bringing a camera would’ve required us going through the BAG LINE and I’ll let you guess who doesn’t like going through the BAG LINE at professional sporting events.

Jake did fantastic and watched everything BUT the game. Looking back, I’m not sure what we expected? I kinda thought he might sit nicely in our laps and clap politely everytime the Astros got a hit (not often). But he was like a kid hyped up on cotton candy! We were so impressed by how good of a mood he was in, but then we got to the car and he went into hysterical-omg it’s past my bedtime-no I do NOT want to sleep in my carseat mode. Fun ride home.

Oopsie :)

4. Afternoon at the pool

Because what else do you do in this heat, right? That is, until it’s mid-June and a cold shower is a better way to cool off than the lukewarm swimming pool. Yuck.

It’s a wonder I survived the summer of ’09 being pregnant. I must’ve been Wonder Woman.

Maybe I still am!

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