The Missy Project

This past week I read The Shack. What a fantastic read!

This is a book people of all ages should take time to enjoy. It made the Trinity come alive; it explained forgiveness in such a profound and yet simple way. It painted an incredible picture of dealing with offense towards God. Which almost all of us experience in our lives at one level or another.

This is probably different than many books you’ve read because it’s considered “theological fiction”. While there are no verses referenced, and we don’t know the spiritual beliefs of the author, it manages to take some of the more complex topics in the Bible (things like sacrificial love, forgiveness, and eternity which are sometimes so hard for us to comprehend) and mold them into a wonderful modern-day story that we can all relate to. I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical at first, but am so glad I finished this!

Visit this website for more details on the book, author’s personal story, and ways to spread the Word of God and His love to others!

Happy Reading!

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