The San Antonio Zoo

We were in San Antonio this weekend for my sister’s wedding shower (which we’ll talk about next) and decided to go to the zoo on Sunday morning before we headed back home. We’ve made plans several times to go to the Houston Zoo but they kept falling through…so this time I wasn’t giving anyone another option!!

Honestly, I thought Jake would love it a little more than he did. We read and point at monkeys a lot at home and make animal sounds so I just knew he would be super impressed. Wrong. The two highlights of his morning were…

1) The flamingos. Mostly because they were loud and squaky.

2) Daddy kicking a rock around in the parking lot on the way out. It’s the little things people!

The one bad thing was that he couldn’t see much if he stayed in the stroller. Luckily we had 14 willing arms between all of us to ease the load a bit!!

Seth probably had the best time at the zoo. He loved the animals and wanted to stay all day – ha!

Jake wrestling with a Komodo dragon. He won.

We had to take our picture by the White-Cheeked Gibbon…him (her?) and Jake shared the same birthday! I wonder if the zoo had a puppy paw-ty for him?….

Jake’s transportation of choice

Again, more impressed with the elephant statue than the real thing

How pretty is this bird?? A Lory maybe? Lowry? Let’s just go with pretty bird.

Photo op with Aunt Emily, Uncle Kyle, Uncle Michael, Aunt Rachel, & Nana

Lots of pointing!

Taking a turn with the bride-to-be!

Ok, I take it back. He loved this part too. Why the birds???? I thought it would be fun to go and pose with birds all over us. Except I didn’t realize the birds would bite you. So this lasted a couple minutes before we all ran shrieking out of there!!

See, Drew? We’ve already taken you to the zoo!

Group pic…minus Seth. But he made it in 12,000 other pictures so don’t feel too bad for him.

Jake and his Mama!

We were only at the zoo 2.5 or 3 hours but who knew I would be so sore??? That coupled with a long car ride home and I was needing that personal masseuse last night!

One thought on “The San Antonio Zoo

  1. umm you barely even look pregnant. and you are 7 MONTHS pregnant. i kind of hate you.

    (but not really)

    and i cannot get over how light jake’s hair is getting!

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