The Trip that Wasn’t

If you recall, we went to Lake Conroe a few weekends ago. The boys took the day off from work on Friday and we had plans to spend an entire weekend working on our tans.

Except poor Jake had a different plan and after puking over all the kids toys, we had to cut the weekend short and head back home.

I wanted to at least share the few pictures I had (don’t get your hopes up)…it’s not like we’re documented in anyone elses pictures from the weekend but I promise we were there!

Did anybody do a double take? This is not a picture of the extension cord…or our pool float. That, my friends is a 6 foot long snake. It came to visit us, apparently knocking on the back door to no avail.

This is the part where I’d love to tell you that my brave husband stepped over the threshold to deliver a life-ending blow to our new friend.


He did not.

I think if that snake came to OUR front door, it would be up to me to kill it. Seth would probably be hiding under the bed with Maggie.

(Love you, honey!)

So needless to say, there was lots of excitement!

Why am I taking pictures instead of enjoying the water or lawnchairs? Not sure.

Oh right. Because I was too busy taking pictures of Seth and his latest catch. Here he is showing Beckett how it’s done.

At least the weekend wasn’t a total flop. I now have reassurance of Seth’s hunter/gatherer skills should they ever be needed in our suburban lifestyle.

We’re crossing our fingers that next time we can stay for ALL the fun!

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