There’s a Spirit that Can Never be Told…

I know, it’s about time right? I actually started this post a week ago and then forgot to finish. It’s amazing what old age can do to a girl.

Last weekend we returned to the Motherland.

Emily, Tiffany, Susan…stop rolling your eyes.

We felt it was very important for Jake not only to visit his Aunt Rachel and Michael but to go ahead and start being exposed to the place where dreams come true. Disneyworld, you say? Absolutely not.


I mean, look how excited he was when we told him where we were going!

It was almost a necessary trip. Rachel & Michael have been there 3 years but have managed to avoid getting the true Aggie experience. For instance…they’ve never been to Shivers.

Why someone would avoid the greatest snowcone establishment in the land is just beyond me. Completely incomprehensible.

Of course we dragged them to the Former Students Association. I’m sure there was much eye-rolling behind our backs. Akin to the eye-rolling I gave my dad when he would talk about where he lived when he went to Baylor…what he liked to do…places they ate.

It’s boring until it’s YOUR experiences! :)

So sorry about that one, Dad.

We had to get our picture under the new Aggie ring statue. Jake more appreciated the loud echoing sound it made when you knocked on it (not sure if that was “illegal” but it was entertaining).

Jake also decided on a new hair-do. This kid, always rebelling!

I’m not sure if maroon is his color?
(Better than burnt orange, I suppose)

Please mom, I hate when you do these things to me!

Getting geared up for Aggie football. An event he will not experience live for many more years. Because p.s. we are NOT paying $60 for a baby to attend a game he will not pay attention to and that will require mom to hang out at the concession stands the entire time (hmm, on second thought…)

Also, they had never been to Chicken Oil. Don’t get us started.

Jake loooooved the Indian chief next to our table

Rachel & Michael…class of 2011!

Jake with a super mischevious smile! Class of…2030-something. That’s too hard of a math problem for a Saturday morning.

Thanks for letting us visit you guys and we can’t wait to come back!

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