Through the Ringer

This morning was what I will refer to as my cavity-filling marathon.


I only had what…FOUR cavities that were discovered last week?

Oh, this story is about to get even better.

As I’m enjoying a Welch’s fruit snack yesterday afternoon, I suddenly feel something crunchy. Which was confusing since fruit snacks are chewy. I spit the aforementioned crunchiness out of my mouth and noticed it was white. And hard. Wondering if my Hot Pocket a few hours earlier had any hard, white pieces in it, I kept chewing. And a little more came out. And then some more. I immediately called Seth to let him know my tooth was probably falling out and should we go to the ER now or wait until after work?

I decided to call the dentist’s office to let them know that my appointment might be a little more tricky because my back molar was slowly wasting away. They told me it was probably a sealant coming off and not to worry. I proceeded to call all my friends (including my favorite pediatric dentist*) with any extensive dental work history to get their opinions. By the end of the evening, I was fearing either root canal or tooth extraction.

*It’s quite unfortunate if you know me and have any sort of medical background. I kinda abuse the relationship. Basically, my dream is to have your cell phone number. I feel so sorry for Joanna (our vet), Jessica (dentist), or the multitude of MD’s (and one D.O.!!!) that I am addicted to bugging. But I’ll take this brief second to thank ALL of you (where do I start?? JC, Megan, Brad, Dr. Prihoda, Dr. Wells, etc etc) for putting up with my ridiculous questions. And if you’re saying “Hey, I’m a doctor and haven’t ever had you ask me questions!”…watch out.

And since I’m not done rambling yet, you know it was practically my dream come true when I happened to run into our pediatrician at Berry Hill this past Saturday afternoon. It took everything I had not to say, “Hey would you mind looking at this dry skin patch right quick? OH OH, and the other day, Jake did the darndest thing!!”.

I handled it like a mature adult though.

Back to my dental horror story.

SO…I get to my appointment this morning and remind them again about the tooth I’m about to lose. I asked (seriously, I did) if they should just pull them all out and give me Dentures. I do feel bad for Seth because I’m not sure he realized when he married me that in less than 5 years he’d be dealing with fake teeth on the bedside table.

They take some x-rays and sure enough…pieces of my tooth are chipping off! They proceeded to treat me like a 7 year old and asked about my dental hygiene. Did I brush my teeth often? Do I floss? Have I ever heard of a little thing called flouride?

So along with my four fillings (which turned out to be more major than minor, like I was led to believe), they filled in missing pieces of my other tooth. Don’t forget that my entire mouth was numb (I think I got 45 shots) and I was probably drooling all over them too.

Very long story short, I survived…but it was tough. This is just a reminder of HOW HARD IT IS to be me.

Someone please remind me to brush and floss tonight.

4 thoughts on “Through the Ringer

  1. hahahaha oh mary. i am so glad you have resources like me and ben to get you through any dental drama you may have since he, I or both of us have been though it all. i’m glad you survived!

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