Toilet Paper Dilemma

Yesterday morning, there was an interesting discussion on KSBJ. It was about a topic so near and dear to my heart that I felt I should share.

Toilet paper placement.

As you can see above, the roll of TP is placed correctly on the…toilet paper holder? (I’m getting technical here, people). BUT…you know when you go to someone elses house…the grocery store…church…various other establishments…they sometimes have it on incorrectly?

Doesn’t that drive you NUTS??

Well, they were having people call in to discuss the “right” way…over or under. Clearly, the correct answer here is over. Those misguided souls who might say “under” are living in some sort of weirdo-land because WHY in tarnation would you do that?? It doesn’t even make sense. One guy even went so far as to call in and say he would FIX the toilet paper rolls if he was at a friend’s house because he assumed they just put it on wrong.

And I thought…oh my goodness, I DO THAT TOO!!! Without even considering if they did it on purpose or not.

I don’t know why I find this particular topic of conversation so intriguing, but what do YOU think is the correct way? Are you an “over” guy? Or an “under” type girl?

For your sake, I hope you answer over.

Because if not, I challenge you to shake things up a bit. It will change your LIFE.

Speaking of toilet paper…I can’t wait until Jake is old enough to use it. Last night we had the blow out of a LIFETIME. Enough to warrant a phone call to a friend…enough to start gagging…enough to require an immediate bath and the subsequent washing of clothes (his and mine), the exersaucer seat, and the throwing away of the pillow he was standing on in the exersaucer. And the entire time I was thinking, “I should SO take a picture of this for the blog.”

But then I realized that poop probably isn’t as interesting to all of y’all as it is to us…specifically baby poop. And I didn’t want to risk losing any loyal readers. So for now, I’ll refrain from posting pictures of bodily waste.

I just hope he’s an “over” sort of guy!!!

12 thoughts on “Toilet Paper Dilemma

  1. OVER is definitely the correct way! It bugs me too if it’s different, and I also have the urge to change it, but usually I don’t change it. Anyone who is an “under” will most likely waste a LOT of TP over the course of their lives! :)

    P.S. THANK YOU for not posting poopy pictures! :)

  2. I am TOTALLY an over girl. And I will fix it at someone’s house also. This has caused some issues at my parents house as my mom is in the under camp. She is clearly soooo misguided on these sorts of issues.

  3. This was the very first discussion Garrett and I were a part of in our Sunday School class. People are crazy about this topic. However, if they don’t think over is the way to go then they truly are crazy!

  4. While I have to say I 100% completely agree with everyone that over is the method I prefer, the TP in our house is under.
    When it is over you will notice that it so nicely leaves that next square ready for you to grab. Unfortunately, my almost two year old son notices too. If you put it on under that next square tends to stay put against the roll.
    The under method has a higher success rate than over when it comes to keeping my entire roll from being pulled off the TP tube and onto the floor, or worse, in the toilet.
    It is one of the sacrafices that we have made in order to keep us from losing our sanity and buying a new pack of TP every other day. I have high hopes that maybe one day we will be able to switch back to the over method. Wish me luck!

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