Top of My Lungs

This song (by Phillips, Craig & Dean) came on KSBJ this morning as I was getting to work. And you know, sometimes when a great song comes on, you just can’t shut off the radio and get out of your car! So I sat in the parking garage and listened to these words and smiled. They lifted me up this morning and I wanted to share…

Words of worship
Rise like a river within me
Thoughts to express are so many
I wanna bless You, God

Can’t be silent
I think of the mercies You show me
My lips begin overflowing
Great is your Love.

Such gratitude,
For all that You’ve done,
Jesus to You,

At the top of my lungs
I will sing Hallelujah!
You’re the One who saved me,
The One who gave me
This life I live
Forevermore ! Forevermore!

At the top of my lungs
I will sing Hallelujah!
I’m not ashamed.
I’ll praise Your name.
Let the whole world know
I love you Lord.
I love you Lord!

You are worthy
I join the song of creation
That rings out across ev’ry nation.
Let my heart be heard.

I need you so.
I don’t care who knows,
From the depths of my soul,

Let my love be loud.
I sing a joyful noise!A
ll of my days
A joyful noise!
I lift up my voice!

Happy weekend!

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