Top Ten Tuesday Thoughts

1) Just watched The Bachelorette…was skeptical as always…and will definitely watch this season. (Helps that May sweeps are upon us and nothing much will be on the tube anyway) This is the reason I will watch:

Kids…I think Graham will make it far. I know his self-portrait is a tad questionable, but I’m just saying. Also a fan of Brian from Texas and Single Dad.

2) Why is it only Tuesday? This week has seemed so long already.

3) I just slipped on the kitchen floor. Wanna know why? Oh yeah, because my dog peed TWICE (hm…at least on the tile) and I stepped in it…with both feet.

4) So grateful that Maggie is potty trained…and hasn’t reverted to peeing 18,000 times a day like her younger brother

5) Still in confusion and shock from Desperate Housewives finale. I have so many questions! Cannot WAIT for the fall.

6) Also cannot wait to try strawberry cheesecake I made for bible study tomorrow night! Don’t worry girls, I won’t touch it…for now.

7) I highly recommend reading this book:

It’s great! There’s also a “Bad Girls” and “Really Bad Girls” version out there. It’s a fun read and educational at the same time. You get to see the ‘famous’ women of the Bible in a totally new light.

8) Wait, why did I come back from Hawaii?

9) Time is running out to find dream job. I missed SYTYCD try-outs this year. Gonna prepare and be ready for next time…


2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday Thoughts

  1. i was thinking many of the same things as you today, so i will respond :)
    1. i just finished watching the bachelorette too…i agree, graham is good!
    2. this is the longest week ever
    3. glad tuck didnt have an accident on my floor last night!
    4. glad maggie has never had an accident on my floor too!
    5. i still havent watched the desperate housewives finale!!! i will do that tomorrow
    6. YUM
    7. i have never heard of that book…sounds interesting
    8. i wish i was on vacation!
    9. you totally would win sytycd
    10. GO SPURS GO!!!!!!!
    i bet that is one of the longest comments ever :)

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