I know I am completely bombarding all of you with blog posts, so I apologize. But I really have no other choice because my husband is in front of the TV watching a show on electomagnetic force and refuses to let me watch the addictive trash I like to call Desperate Housewives.

Anyway. I think I’m behind on this, but I’m really confused about what twitter is. I know it’s the new thing. And maybe I’m just not important enough to need to use it?? But I don’t get it. And I’ll admit it, I’m annoyed with the facebook “status” feature and I’m thinking this might be the same thing. I can see how it would be fun for famous people. So maybe I just need to wait until I’m famous (going to start working on the 2nd page of my book eventually…) and then I can update on twitter all the time!

Can anyone enlighten me??

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