Visit with Nana

Nana came to visit us over Labor Day weekend (gosh, has it already been a week and a half??) and the boys were sooo excited to see her! I kinda hate to admit it, but it’s really nice when the grandparents are around because I can actually like…dry my hair without a child pulling on my leg.

They’re good for other reasons too, I promise!

Jake, my mom, and I all went to the mall to shop a bit, play at the playground, and eat lunch at Chick-Fil-A while Drew was napping (Seth stayed home with him, don’t worry). He had a blast getting all the attention and spending special time with us! Plus, he ate his entire kids meal which has never even come close to happening before.

And of course Drew got some love too!

Uncle Michael (“Boy” according to Jake) and Aunt Rachel also came over to see us. They are our new favorite babysitters!!

Coloring with Nana

Jake actually calls both of his grandmas “Mimi”…anybody else have this predicament? I just keep repeating Nonnie and Nana with hopes he’ll eventually get it. It would be a little too confusing to keep up with 2 Mimis! :)

We had such a fun visit and were glad to spend so much time with Nana. I know Jake will be over the moon to see all his grandparents next month at his birthday party!

And speaking of…I finally got Jake to say how old he will be. This kid is just a sponge right now. He has started repeating everything we say. One of my favorites is anytime food gets dropped on the floor he yells, “MAY MAY (Maggie), TUT-TUH (Tucker). EAT!”.

Oops. He may have learned that from me :)

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