Visiting Nana

Last weekend we got to visit Nana (my mom) and see her new house in Tyler.  The boys were so excited to go and now Jake thinks that it’s time for us to get a new house too.  Because why not?  I hear they are super cheap.

We visited the Caldwell Zoo in Tyler on Saturday which I would highly recommend.  There was hardly anyone there and we got to see so many animals really close up.  The boys were super excited to see the penguins!  The Houston Zoo doesn’t have them and Jake’s class had been talking about them at school recently.  They went bananas and we even got to see them being fed!

023 055 The giraffes, elephants, zebras, warthogs, and ostriches were all together and it was like a little glimpse of Africa.

059 078 And for whatever reason, goats are a big hit with our kids.  Drew went from goat to goat in the petting zoo yelling “GOAT!”.

085 We also got to see Papa and Nanny…our kids don’t know how lucky they are to have 7 living great grandparents!!

090 We were sad to go but had a great time.  The boys love their Nana.

094Drew even gave out more kisses.

phone4 And this loaded out of order but my goodness.  I couldn’t believe how close we were to this leopard.  What a beautiful animal.  That was one neat thing about the zoo…most of the big animals were up close and personal opposed to far away and sleeping (talking to you, Houston zoo!)

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