Viva the Weekend!

I don’t know if I’ve ever posted any pictures of my dogs before so…

Tucker being a big boy!
The kids
Tucker met his new girlfriend, Georgia, this weekend! I know he seems a little young to date but she comes from a wholesome family with a great reputation so we’re ok with it. Almost like Olan Mills

On to other things…

After the MS150 in April I made a promise to myself that included the following 3 things:

- I would not take an 8-month workout hiatus
- I was only allowed to eat ice cream every night for 2 weeks
- I would ride my bike at least a few times prior to January 2009

Today, as I nearly passed out running with the dogs, I remembered this special vow I made and decided to evaluate my progress:

- I just cancelled my gym membership because I haven’t been since April
- Uh.
- My bike tires are flat

Oh dear. All these thoughts were running through my mind right before I blacked out on the driveway…

Kidding. But you never know.

So…I’ve made it my goal to be a little more proactive in regard to my physical fitness the next few months. And not because of next year’s bike ride, but more because I am becoming a lazy old fart. I definitely don’t have as much energy as I used to and it’s not uncommon to almost fall asleep on the keyboard (several times) during the work day.

Hold me to it, folks.

In addition, we had a fun experience at Wal-Mart* today. As we’re walking in the doors, we notice a nice looking man selling some sort of t-shirt (for some organization I’m sure) outside the store. He’s yelling at all those who pass (in English, mind you), trying to tempt them with his ugly piece of clothing. Then…we walk by.

AND HE STARTS EH-SPEAKING IN EH-SPANISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good night nurse!!! My husband is great at lots of things but speaking Espanol is not one of them. I probably know more of his ‘native’ language than he does. But in light of the whole situation, I thought it was HILARIOUS, considering several unnamed persons as of late have had lots of fun offering Seth tortillas, queso, and other sorts of Mexican parapharnalia. :)

*Wal-Mart was previously sworn off by Anderle family. This was first encounter with dreaded store since the beginning of the year. And we went to the new one. And we only had to wait in line for 5 minutes. No, WM you are NOT redeemed, but I did decide to give you another chance. You’re on temporary probation for now.

3 thoughts on “Viva the Weekend!

  1. Monday night….what are we going to do now that the bachelorette is over?!! Lookout for Project Runway starting this Wed. on Bravo. I know it’s a lot on Wed. SYTYCD AND Project Runway…but you need to get on that train Mary. I need your commentary.

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