We Love Westminster!

This has been a big TV week for the dogs. Although there was plenty for me to watch, Seth was convinced that nothing was on…thus, our watching the Westminster Dog Competition. And we weren’t the only ones that were interested!

I have never seen the dogs so captivated by something. Except maybe a treat or squirrel. But still, this was big. They sat next to each other during the entire thing, with the occasional walk up to the TV to get a closer look.

How cute are they? Makes you forget about all the other bad things they do!

I did feel sorry for a lot of those dogs though. Not so much the normal looking ones in the sporting or herding groups, but gosh, the poor poodles, shih tzus, and yorkies are groomed more than I am!

I am working from home today while we are having some extra slab added to our back patio. Basically our patio (and entire backyard) is the most pathetic thing ever. So it’s been a goal for awhile to attempt to spruce things up. And between the winter weather, dogs digging, and rain, it basically looks like we have a watering hole for hogs. So our new BFF Jaime is out there with his crew enlarging our patio, which we’ll then cover in flagstone or slate. They even put up a new gutter for us. And I think they are singing right now. It’s probably a song about laying cement! Glad it’s them not me…

I will post pictures much later when this project is complete. Maybe the dogs will let me make a flower bed again. Then again, maybe not…

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