Weekend in East Texas

Last week I got brave and took the kids sans Seth to East Texas to visit my mom and grandparents.  Luckily Aunt Rachel stepped up to ride in the car with me because everyone knows how fun 5 hour car rides are with 2 kids that don’t love the car!  They did awesome on the way there…not so awesome on the way home…but we survived so that is all that counts! :)

I hated that it was so hot outside because there are lots of fun things for Jake to explore in their yard.  So we would stay outside for 30 minutes or so then come inside for a popsicle!

Jake helped Papa hang his flag.  He also watered a lot of flowers, sorted through pinecones, looked for bugs, and played in the dirt.  A little boy’s dream.

Such a shame they got all the attention.

“Batman” and his cape after dinner one night.  The superhero took off a little too quickly after the meal and it ended up on Nanny’s nice carpet.  Major party foul.

Can’t forget about Superman!

You think it’s hard to get 2 kids to all look at the camera?  This was probably take 30/120.  :)
We had a lot of fun catching up and Jake did not want to leave!  But then he remembered Daddy was at home and that was enough incentive to get back in the car.  
Thanks for having us Papa, Nanny, and Nana!

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