What are Little Boys Made of?

Well, we’re about to find out!

Again, taking pictures of these ultrasounds with my camera phone doesn’t really do them justice. But meet our baby boy! Let’s call him “J”. Don’t want to reveal the name before it’s time…

We received 100% confirmation today that our baby is all about mud, trucks, and dinosaurs. And books of course. And he definitely already loves the dogs. It’s amazing the things they can tell you in ultrasounds these days! Technology, sheesh.

Everything is still looking great. I was actually measuring almost a week ahead of schedule which is probably normal. He is already so big – almost 6 oz I think is what she said. About 7 inches long. Which seems really big for a baby I’ve yet to feel! It’s coming though.

Now I have permission to start planning this nursery in full force. Not like I haven’t been doing that already. I am currently in the process of convincing my husband why our son needs the CUTEST bedding in the whole wide world. Because we know how much they remember their first bedding. And boys especially will want to pour over the photo albums and show their friends how cute their nurseries were when they were little…


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