What Happens in Mexico Stays in Mexico…

…except your case of walking pneumonia.

Let’s review.

We wait 4 years for a vacation.  I birth two children, nurse two children, endure tantrums, put up with sippy cups being thrown on the floor, endure more tantrums, have sleepless nights (I’m being dramatic but just work with me here) and then when we finally plan a vacation and have a break…?

I get walking pneumonia.

I have combed the pages of the Bible and I have come to the conclusion that there is no possible reason why God would’ve done this.

So here’s some of our group…sick Mary, Sheila, Kat, and Jessie.  I’m surprised they actually stood next to me considering I was coughing like your great Aunt Mabel.

A few of us were very distinguished members of the resort’s “Preferred Club”.  We achieved this status by clicking a box on Orbitz that said “Preferred Club”.  Always click that box, people.  Always click it. We were greeted with glasses of champagne, cold towels, whisked away to a special Preferred Club only lounge, and basically treated opposite of how you are at home!

We stayed at the Secrets Maroma resort on Maroma beach.  Lots of food, fun, and laying in the sun.  Yeah, I just rhymed.
Craig, Kat, Kim, Sheila, Georgia, Jessie

We were so lucky to vacation with some of our best friends.  We also missed everyone else who couldn’t make it – next time, kids!
(Jessie, Georgia, Me, Kim, Sheila, Kat)

Seth and I before dinner.  The only good thing about feeling bad on this trip was that I pretty much remained horizontal at the pool or beach everyday and got lots of time to rest.  But by the time dinner was over, I was pretty much spent.

Um, yikes.  The resort neglected to mention their were killer iguanas crawling around.  And also some monkey/kangaroo creature that was a little scary.


Seth, Sam, and Matt.  Pretty sure this is the same book Seth has been reading our entire marriage.  

Love my husband!

Our rooms were so pretty and the best part was our swim-up pool outside.  I seriously could live here.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) for you, I still have more pictures to share but figured I would break this up.  I’m sure you will be on the edge of your seat.
Will Mary end up in a Mexican hospital?  Does a killer iguana eat one of our friends?  Is everyone even still friends after all this time together…
Stay tuned for Part 2.

2 thoughts on “What Happens in Mexico Stays in Mexico…

  1. despite your serious illness, it sounds like you were in good spirits (or at least have recovered them now that youa re back).
    I’m jealous. I want to go to there.

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