What’s the return policy for a dog?

Today was a sad day. I’ve always been a fan of making returns. A victim of extreme buyer’s remorse, I tend to buy a lot of wonderful fantastic things at one time…going back only a few days later to return all things but one. Or sometimes I will eventually talk myself out of everything I’ve bought. Why do we get such satisfaction out of buying “things”? Silly, material things that really won’t matter when everything is all said and done. But I digress. Point being…I am one with customer service and the return counter.

I never thought I would have to return a dog though. Luckily we did not buy this one, but nevertheless, we had to take sweet Trudi back downtown to her old foster family this evening. It’s a hard battle when 2 dogs both want to be the boss. When 2 generally well-behaved and fun friendly dogs are good separate but not together. When 2 dogs both want all attention. When 2 dogs start fighting and bite each other. :( Maggie and Trudi clearly were not a good match and so we had to say goodbye. Why do we want 2 dogs so badly? Is Maggie just the best ever and we’re selfish and think we can find Maggie x 2? I have a feeling she is irreplacable. Just like my old friend, Toby was until a couple years ago. (Emily would kill me for posting this old picture!) We miss you, Toby!

No clue why I am being so sentimental. Guess I just don’t like having to say bye to our four-legged friends!

This will obviously be more upbeat tomorrow. I’m just running late for Guitar Hero practice.

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