When Zapping Doesn’t Work…


We seem to have a slight sugar ant infestation in our microwave.

Things we have learned:

1) Ants are resiliant – they can survive being microwaved for upwards of 30 seconds
2) Ants are tricky – they have somehow made a secret home that they escape to when we open the microwave door
3) Ants are tough – they do not die when sprayed by Windex or Lysol

We have NO CLUE where they are coming from.

Seth is hesistant to use ant killer in the microwave for obvious reasons.

Ideas??? Don’t be shy!

2 thoughts on “When Zapping Doesn’t Work…

  1. I missed this post! Sorry. We got these really bad in our pantry one time. What worked for us was taking sugar and putting it in a pile then pouring a little bit of coke on top of the coke so that it makes a syrup. The next morning we had a bunch of dead ants in a sticky mess but it worked. Maybe it will for you too.

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