Who Are You and What Have You Done with my Friend Mary? – Part 1

So I have had a couple questions lately like “Why are you drinking that crazy Juice?” or “Where is my friend Mary who eats all the Blue Bell?” or “What kind of oil are you using?  Vegetable oil??”.  I figured it was time to come clean.

About a year ago I decided to pay more attention to what I was letting fuel my body.  I honestly didn’t care too much because I ate whatever I wanted and my body didn’t seem to change.  Who cares, right?


I had no energy, was grumpy a lot, felt like I needed a nap every day, felt awful, had stomach pains almost daily, started getting terrible migraines, and worst of all didn’t get the greatest test results when I had bloodwork from a physical.

I understand there are worse problems out there but the idea of prevention versus treatment really resonated with me.  I’m only 31 and hopefully (surely!) have more than half my life to go.  I wanted to make sure I started taking better care of myself (and my family) NOW before it was too late.

Enter JuicePlus+

I was introduced to this product by both my doctor and a friend at church.  JuicePlus+ is whole food based nutrition, including juice powder concentrates from 30 different fruits, vegetables, and grains.  JP+ helps bridge the gap between what you actually eat and SHOULD eat everyday.  (Did you know you should be having 7-13 servings of fruits and veggies daily!)  It’s not a multivitamin, medicine, treatment, or cure, but provides the natural nutrients your body needs to be at its best.

ex pic

Speaking of eating real food, let me tell you what isn’t the best for your body:

Anything I was eating a year ago.

(Except I ate bananas occasionally.  So those were fine)

JP Effect w info

There have been umpteen studies done on JuicePlus+ and how it can improve your health.  Real, whole food is always the best option but can you consistently get the 7-13 servings of fruits and veggies every day…365 days a year?  If so, I applaud you.  Before I started this, I realized I probably had maybe 1 serving a day.  ONE.

Since using JP+ we haven’t had any sick visits to the doctor (with small kids that is a feat!).   JuicePlus+ has nutritional facts vs. supplement facts (compare to your daily multivitamin) so you can take as much as you need.  Drew and I have felt a little under the weather this week so we have doubled up to help power our immune system and really flood our body with fruits and veggies.


You know what’s really scary?  THIS:


Look at those stats.  I do NOT want my kids to fall into those categories! More than 25% of kids on prescription drugs regularly??  Hardening of the arteries by age 12?  I don’t think so.

I realize we can’t be perfect, and there are always going to be exceptions to eating our healthiest.  But I have seen such drastic changes in this past year and more than anything, I feel confident that my family is getting the proper nutrition they need.  There is so much I have left to learn but I have really enjoyed learning more about health and wellness and helping educate others on how to start taking care of themselves and their families.

priceThe best thing is, you can get JP+ for less than a cup of Starbucks today (don’t lie, you know you’re headed there in the morning).  It comes in both capsules (for adults) or chewables (for kids…or adults that want to be kids…i.e. me) and is safe for everyone! See, it’s not a crazy juice. :) There are no warning/risk labels to avoid if pregnant, nursing, sick, etc.  JuicePlus+ is simply FOOD!. They also have some awesome Complete shakes that I use daily that are packed with lots of whole food phytonutrients and have improved my energy so much.  I can’t imagine not drinking them now.

So that’s part 1 of who (or what!) has hijacked your dear friend.  I am still here.  Just healthier.  A little less full of Blue Bell.  And just trying to add a rainbow of healthy nutrition in my diet.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out my website at: maryanderle.juiceplus.com

What are you waiting for?  Get a kickstart on YOUR New Year’s Resolutions and make a positive lifestyle change now.  Before it’s too late.

Dum dum dum (imagine daunting, spooky music)

Next up.  Why we’re so oily.

Oh, and maybe next up after that.  Mary does boot camp.  And why that is both entertainment and beneficial for her physical health.  Really y’all…who am I?


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