Who Are You and What Have You Done with My Friend Mary? – Part 2

Alright y’all.  Let’s get oily.

I’m sure by now you have heard all the rage about essential oils.  You have no clue what they are but just know they’re essential, right? And oil.  2 points for you.

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years!  They can be diffused, inhaled, applied topically, or even taken internally.  Oils can be used to enhance your physical wellness, for purifying your home, refining your skin, and creating better awareness.

I was first introduced to these by a friend a couple years ago.  I was getting terrible migraines and nothing worked.  I was frustrated by the fact that I had to wait 6 hours to take another Excedrin and just had to deal with the pain.  She gave me some peppermint oil to sample and I was amazed at how quickly the pain was gone.  I remained skeptical but continued looking into essential oils and then went to a class where I learned about a wide variety of them and what they could potentially do for me.

YL Oils


There are many brands out there, but Young Living appealed to me the most.  I purchased their starter kit, which came with 11 bottles of oil plus a diffuser.

diffuserThe diffuser really sold me.  It works like a humidifier…you fill it with water and then can add drops of whichever oil you’d like.  You can use lavender to help promote relaxation and sleep, Thieves to help prevent illness, lemon for a fresh, invigorating scent…and that’s just a few.  Each of these oils have a myriad of uses and are natural ways to help prevent illness and help heal your body.

Some of our favorite oils are:

(p.s. this was a difficult list to make…I really love them all!)

deep relief

Deep Relief is one of the first oils I started with.  It comes in a convenient roll on bottle and I use for headaches, migraines, and tension.  Occasionally you may notice I smell like a peppermint.  This could be why.


Enough said.  DiGize isn’t the best smelling oil but works every time.

peace and calming

Ahhh…my favorite.  This should be a touchdown with young kids.  Peace and calming was out of stock for a couple months and I about died.  LOVE how this smells!  I apply every morning to my wrists.


RC is another awesome oil.  We use this a lot in the winter when everyone gets all congested.  It is being diffused a LOT this week!


Oh and how could I forget Thieves?  This might be my second favorite.  I try and apply this to the kid’s feet most nights as a preventative oil.  As soon as they start getting a runny nose or cough, I will apply more.  I’ve even been ingesting this in vegetable capsules this week so that I feel better sooner.

tranquilTranquil is another awesome roll on…it contains lavender, cedarwood, and Roman chamomile and I use this on my wrists and feet before bed each night.

I could write 10 pages on what I love about oils but I’ll spare you the pain.  I would LOVE to share more about these and answer any questions you might have.  Feel free to comment on this post or email me (maryanderle@gmail.com).

If you’ve heard enough and feel that you’re ready to start on your very own oily journey…go to this link:


and you can sign up as either a wholesale or retail customer. (Enter my number #1780697 in the sponsor and enroller boxes)  You have to buy one of the starter kits (I highly recommend the premium starter kit!!) to become a wholesale customer but the benefit is that your prices will be 24% less than retail!  I’m also happy to add an oil or two to my monthly order if you’d like to try them out first.

These would be a great Christmas gift to you or a loved one this holiday season!

Better than those dress socks you know you’ll probably get anyway.


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