Who Let the Dogs Out?

That title has nothing to do with the pictures you’re about to see. Except for the fact I’d consider it the theme song for our entire weekend.

Why, you ask?

Mostly because of Jake’s newly acquired singing/dancing dog that sings…you guessed it…Who Let the Dogs Out. I have heard this song more than I’d like to admit. I’ve also sung along more than I’d like to admit. But this dog has a serious groove and Jake has even learned to say the “Who, who, who, who” part at the appropriate time. What can we say, we are so proud!


The charming toy came into our possession when we saw Nonnie and Popo at a family wedding this weekend. This was Jake’s first hotel stay, which I was super nervous about. He is a great sleeper but mostly only in his own bed. So I was prepared for a sleepless night. Luckily, the kid surprised us and did great! Probably because of all the fun he had running around at the wedding reception.
Jake got loads of attention from cousin Alyssa. Let me just say that I cannot WAIT for Jake to turn 4 or 5. Alyssa was super helpful all evening…playing with Jake, refilling my water glass…a modern-day slave!

Just kidding.

A modern-day CUTE slave.

I don’t know how I didn’t get more pictures of the two of them. She was literally carrying him around the dance floor in the most awkward looking position and he just let her. Jake’s future wife will have it made! :)

Alyssa cuttin’ a serious rug.

Loving his attention from Daddy!
P.S. Thoughts on the goatee? Seth asked if he could keep it for family pictures in April. I am on the fence. Should it stay or should it go?

Jake and Mama…aka Mama needs a suntan.

The chairs were a little too much fun…

Playing with Uncle Chase and Morgan…and still on the chair…

He looks so excited we are his parents!

Jake with Nonnie & Popo

Right before the hair-pulling started :)

It was a little bit of a late night for Jake and once we got back to the hotel and ready for bed, he plopped down in his high chair like it was time for dinner or something. With the amount of chocolate cake he consumed a couple hours earlier, you’d have thought he’d be good for a couple days!

A midnight (8:30) snack of teddy grahams

I also thought I’d take a picture of Jake’s sleep set-up. He would’ve never gone to sleep if he could’ve seen either of us so Seth created a fort…

And just so you know he wasn’t suffocating…

Worked wonders!

I just realized I didn’t get a picture of either the bride or groom but we are so excited for Matt and Jackie and can’t wait to see what their future holds!

3 thoughts on “Who Let the Dogs Out?

  1. That little fort is so funny! We stayed in a hotel on the way to Texas this past weekend and Sara could see me from her pack n play. She stood up and whined a little but I just told her to go to sleep and luckily, she did!

  2. lol that fort is awesome! i think we might steal it too for the next trip we take…we’ve resorted to putting the pack and play in the bathroom before…

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