Who Needs A/C?

Uh, I do.

What a fun time of the year for the compressor in my (new) car to go out! For those of you who haven’t known me long, I have fantastic luck with vehicles.

My very first car (’95 Pontiac Grand Am. Teal. Ugly.) broke down on the way home from the used car lot. Luckily it just ran out of gas but that is a very traumatic thing to happen to a 16 year old. I think we ended up replacing almost everything under the hood by the time all was said and done.

My second car (’98 Honda Passport) lasted about a year before the timing belt went out. This was after various other problems had been occuring that kept it in the shop around the clock. Thank goodness Paula was dating a handy little mechanic at the time. We also had to jimmy the trunk shut. Duct tape was something I had to keep on hand.

My third car (’02 Ford Focus) had motors break in 2 of the windows so we had to wire them shut. The brakes also had to be replaced, it made lots of funny noises, and then I got in a wreck so it was never the same. Duct tape was also a necessity with this one.

My fourth car was the trusty Civic. We all know and love this car. But it had some issues as well.

If you do the math, you’ll realize that I’ve driven 5 cars in less than 10 years.

I think that’s kinda a lot.

If you do more math, you’ll realize I’ve never owned a brand spankin’ new car. This is because I think brand new cars are a rip off. Personally, I think it’s better to find one that is slightly used with low mileage to avoid the depreciation hit you take when you drive that sucker off the lot.

If you do even MORE math, you’re probably thinking, “…but maybe it IS time you tried out the new car thing…”

Maybe you’re right. But this ’08 Mazda is the closest to new I’ve ever had. And luckily this was just a minor A/C problem compared to the transmission, alternator, or timing belt!! Luckily I also have a husband who knows cars and can diagnose said problems pretty quickly. Even more luckily, my car is still under the manufacturer’s warranty.


Because we all know the last thing you take from a pregnant lady in the heat of summer is her A/C. Or her strawberry limeade from Sonic.

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