Who Needs Power?

Oh my.

I will start by saying “experiencing natural disaster” was actually on my list of things to do before I die. Why? Not sure. At least I can successfully cross that off now.

I know you’ve all seen pictures and heard stories. Unfortunately we are STILL without power, so I have not been able to upload the pictures I took of our neighborhood and the surrounding areas. Some mighty big trees breathed their last.

Seth & I decided to stay instead of evacuating and experienced some pretty scary winds during Ike. Enough that we moved to the hall and blocked it off. Never thought in a million years we’d have to do that. Luckily, my boss is fantastic enough that she let me leave work on the Thursday before to get some supplies and begin our “hunkering down” preparations. We are so thankful and blessed that there was no damage to our home.

Unless you count the rug that Tucker chewed up as the hurricane passed on through.

But other than that, we were safe. Had to do all the usual things like empty out the fridge, scrounge for ice, and remember what life is like without TV. We had such beautiful cool weather last week so we were able to sleep with the windows open and it was really nice! I had the entire week off work so I either got caught up on my reading, stole power from friends, or dreamed about having power.

In all seriousness though, the damage seen from Hurricane Ike, especially on the coast, was just devastating. Even here in The Woodlands we saw several huge trees that had fallen into homes, houses that had water damage, roofs blown away, etc. And yeah, our week would’ve been better with some power, but I cannot even begin to imagine what the people are dealing with that have completely lost their homes. So please keep all of them in your prayers.

Since I don’t have my own pictures, I found some others online that will give you an idea of what went on down here…

Just incredible. Cannot even fathom.

Waters rushing into Galveston

This is the JP Morgan Chase building downtown. Not too far from where I used to work. I drove near downtown last week and could not believe the damage. All the broken windows were boarded up.

A cemetary near Galveston…

It’s nice to finally (sorta) be back in a routine again. Business as usual today! We are supposed to have power BY Thursday so keep your fingers crossed. THANK YOU a thousand times to everyone who let us borrow your washing machines, fridges, tv’s, lights, a/c, computers, and more this past week!! We are so very blessed.

One thought on “Who Needs Power?

  1. I was worried about you friend! I kept checkin for a post! I am glad that yall are okay. Being without power has to be way sucky! I bet you have found ways to keep yourselves entertained :) jk.

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