Word Vomit

You are going to wonder what in the world goes through my little mind everyday when I’m finished with this post. The thoughts move quickly so I have to make sure to get them all down before I forget.

Sometimes I wonder how I keep up!

About a year ago, we were discussing The Purpose Driven Life in our Sunday school class. Of course this got everyone thinking about God’s purpose for their life…were they doing what they were supposed to…were they living life the right way…etc. We went around sharing our thoughts, hopes, dreams…

Cue Mary’s word vomit.

Mary: I feel like I just haven’t figured out what my purpose in life is. I know it’s not to be an accountant. And it’s too late to be a celebrity…oh shoot.

Rest of class: Hysterical laughter…looks of awe…whispers of “did she just say what I THINK she said??”

Mary: Well, that’s not what I MEANT…

And I have never been thought of the same again. The conversation followed with “Well, what sort of celebrity do you want to be??” and “There’s still time…what about American Idol??”

Yeah…folks…not what I meant. Although I’m not sure what I did mean. Maybe I was referring to my childhood dream of being an Olympic gymnast or a Country music singer. And usually if you’re not successful in one of those things by the time you’re 25, it ain’t gonna happen.


Today, my dream has been semi-achieved. I am a celebrity! Sorta.

Remember when world-famous author, Marla Taviano and family, came and stayed with us? (yes Marla, I’m buttering you up to be in your next book) She has been blogging about their zoo adventures in Texas and finally got around to discussing their favorite zoo…their favorite host…


Well, she never said favorite, but I just know these sort of things. I mean, we had Blue Bell ice cream. Which apparently everyone else had offered them as well, but to be fair I probably had the idea FIRST.

So, in a way, I think I might officially be a celebrity now. Maybe I need to set up a twitter account. Or find a bodyguard. Or ditch Babies R Us and start buying my child Gucci and Prada onesies!

Gosh, it is HARD being famous!

Oh what fun. Thanks again Marla for y’alls visit. You know we had fun and we can’t wait until next time! Have I mentioned she has a basement??

In other news…

We narrowly averted a major fashion disaster this morning in the Anderle household. My dear sweet husband attempted to wear a black polo with his brown belt and brown dress shoes. I gently explained WHY this was not ok. He didn’t understand. Because why would he wear his black shoes with jeans? That would look stupid.

(He changed into a white polo shortly afterward)

I was also nearly sideswiped off the highway on the way to work today. That has been the first time I wished I owned a “Baby on Board” sign. Dabney has been trying to get me one now for weeks and I told her they were out of style. Nobody uses those anymore. But road rage in check, I wanted to drive right up to that crazy lady and hold one up in her face. Alas, no sign. She’ll never know. At least my baby is safe!

Oh gosh, I had lots more to say and now I’ve forgotten everything.

I’m heading to Lowe’s in the morning to pick out paint colors for the baby room. This will no doubt consist of pacing, sweating, flagging down strangers and asking their opinions, calling friends in a panic trying to describe colors over the phone, and then wondering if I really truly found the best color or did I ruin my baby boy’s life forever??

I’m going to start praying now.

Happy Friday!

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