Word Vomit

Just to give you a glimpse into the inner-workings of my mind, here are all the things I’m thinking about/have thought about/will think more about today:

1. Yesterday I made a pact with myself to stop returning things. You see, I like to buy things, wear them around the house, and then return them. It’s a sickness really. Mostly rooted in the fact that I can’t make decisions (and stick to them). At the time I think I am saving money and am super proud of myself for resisting the urge and taking things back to the store. But in the long run, I’m probably losing money because of all the gas money I spend going back and forth!

2. I also have an issue (so my friends tell me) with buying clothes that fit. Sometimes I think the makers of maternity clothes had a really good thought when they added stretchiness and elastic to everything. I always think “Well, this fits me now. But what if I dry it? What if I gain 10 lbs”, etc. This is why I love t-shirts and sweats. Because they almost always fit you no matter what.

3. Speaking of drying things, one of my secret fears is the dryer. I am SO AFRAID to dry clothes! I attribute this to all the TV shows or movies I’ve ever seen where the mom (or dad) accidentally shrinks something. Where that XL shirt becomes XXXXS. I probably need therapy for this. When I first washed all of Jake’s baby clothes, I dried everything (after much persuasion and reassurance from friends) and then panicked when I took them out because they were SO TINY and I was for sure I shrunk it all. Luckily they fit. I mean, you should really see our house when I do laundry. I really do not have enough hangers or flat surfaces to lay out all the wet clothes.

4. I hate paying for shoes. I think they are way overpriced.

5. I love love love love Modern Family. It is the funniest show! That kid Manny kills me. We decided last night that it was funnier than The Office. Which is a really bold statement considering it’s one of our favorite shows. But then Seth told me he only thinks it’s funny if he watches it with me. Because apparently I laugh at everything.

6. Sometimes I think I get more entertainment out of Jake’s toys than he does. I am just fascinated by all the things they come up with!

7. I have a secret wish for Seth to randomly suggest we go get ice cream tonight. I also have a secret wish for Seth to “catch up on our life” (as he refers to it) and read the blog today!

8. When I got home yesterday, Jake and I just laid on my bed and laughed and talked to each other. It was so fun! I love little moments like that.

9. I really never ever ever could’ve imagined loving our child more than our dogs. Stop gasping in horror. It’s just so hard to imagine the type of love you have for your children before you have them! So take that dog love and multiply by 89 million. Thank goodness :)

10. I don’t understand why people don’t use their blinkers. It’s common sense! And as I learned from my brother-in-law who got pulled over for this offense, it must blink three times people. Three times before switching lanes!

11. I’m kinda regretting writing this post because now you are all going to think I’m INSANE. And the best part is that I’m a super fast lightning speed typer and this took me all of approximately 5 minutes to write. My mind just works like that. I’m not even thinking about what I’m writing before I write it. This is why I think I’d be a good writer because I can just write and write and write about NONSENSE. I’m not sure what the market is for literature about nonsense but if you’re interested, let me know.

….AND breathe.

But do you know how much it bugs me that I ended on ELEVEN???

ok so…

12. I am also fascinated and amazed by the human body. God thought of everything! It seems almost unreal that I created (well, helped create) a BABY…my body knew how to grow him in my tummy…my body knew how to make him be born…and now my body knows how to feed him and keep him alive? Absolutely mind boggling.

3 thoughts on “Word Vomit

  1. you don’t use your dryer??? i get not using it for certain things, but maybe you should look into using it on some of your current clothes that are falling off of you- the worst that could happen is that they shrink and FIT YOU. then you would eliminate your problem of having to go buy (and return) clothes!

  2. Agree with you on so many points….

    but especially the part about you being a writer
    and the part about Modern Family being better than the office…I just told Andy that the other night…love it.

    and about loving your kids 89 million more times than your dogs, in my case 95 million, but you have way cooler dogs.

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