Wrinkle Cream, Rescue Bots, and Prayer

I know.  And the way I will pull these three topics together in a minute will be amazing.

So as I (slowly) approach my 30th birthday, the issue of wrinkle prevention has become highly relevant.  I feel like I have pretty good skin, HOWEVER, I want to make sure I have pretty good skin in another 30 years.  So now I use wrinkle cream and eye cream.  I might as well be 80.  But I’m also starting to panic that I didn’t use this 10 years ago.

Some wrinkles are fine.  But wrinkles I can prevent are even better.

And you know what mainly gives me wrinkles?  Things like trying to help the Easter Bunny find a possibly extinct Rescue Bot toy that Jake has been begging for since Christmas.

(We really focus on the important things in life over here)

For example…everytime I read this, I can’t help but laugh at our pathetic-ness…

textI know more of you are probably horrified at my husband’s spelling (for real, it gives me nightmares) and are overlooking the main point here. 1.  We are frantically texting over Rescue Bots.  2. I have sent him on a mission while on a work trip to search for a toy in another city. 3. And oh yeah, he can’t spell.

Santa only gave Jake some of the Rescue Bots for Christmas.  And it appears that he didn’t plan well with the Easter Bunny and the retail industry while also making promises to said child that he would get his dream toy for Easter if he was a good listener.  Y’all.  He tells everyone about this toy, including perfect strangers.

But now we seem to have a lead and the Easter Bunny is in luck.  I’m also a little weirded out by the Easter Bunny too.  I never seemed to question his existence when I was little but now there are just too many unanswered questions.  Where does he live?  Does he have helpers?  Why does he look so creepy in the mall?

Moving on.

I told you I would pull this together.

It’s super important to me that we teach our children to pray.  Not just to memorize written prayer, although it can be important at times.  But I want them to know that they can tell God anything.  That they can sit and talk to him like they talk to me or Seth.  Give Him their praise, share their pain, and thank Him for our blessings.

We’ve been praying with the boys at night since they were born and as soon as Jake could talk, we would “guide” his prayers and help him to start saying them on his own.  Last week I was in his room and asked Jake to start the prayer.  I told him to think of things he was thankful for or things he was happy to have and to tell God thank you.

The first thing out of his mouth was “Thank you for Joseph and his really colorful coat” (Genesis 37)

Now, my kids may not listen to much that I say (well, it seems that way sometimes) but to hear that he had actually absorbed something from the Bible we hadn’t talked about a whole lot just brought tears to my eyes and I left his room that night, feeling like my heart could burst.  Hearing his little mind trying to reason through Noah and the Ark, Moses parting the Red Sea, the birth of Jesus, and so many other stories has been one of the biggest blessings of being a mom so far.

I don’t strive for my kids to be the smartest in their class, the best athlete, or the best looking.  Lord knows their mama wasn’t!  But I would have no greater joy than to help nurture hearts of compassion, a bold faith, and a servant heart in these two boys.

After Jake thanked God for Joseph, he followed with…

“And thank you for Optimus Prime.  And thank you for Boulder, and thank you for Heat Wave, and thank you for Blades and his helmet.”

Look, at least he learned something.

Rescue Bots.  Roll to the Rescue.

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