Yes, I’m Showing You a Picture of a Potato

Wipe that look of disgust off your face! What you see here is the #1, best meal EVER. Let’s break it down.

Baked potato (with butter, sour cream, and s&p of course)
Shredded SHARP cheddar cheese
BBQ pulled pork

I had to take a picture of Seth’s plate the other night so I could illustrate WHY we go through multiple BAGS of shredded cheddar a week. Here is our 2 cup BAG on top of his potato. Need I remind you how skinny slim and trim he is??

Did I mention this is our #1 favorite meal? We probably have it ever other week and every time just look at each other and say “BEST MEAL EVER!”

It’s an exciting life we lead over here. Food is a big topic of conversation. I’m afraid that’s what we’ve resorted too. Just like grandparents are obsessed with the weather for some strange reason, looks like we’ll be discussing the benefits of excessive starch and dairy with our grandkids one day.

They should be so lucky!

One thought on “Yes, I’m Showing You a Picture of a Potato

  1. YUM! I have never made this before but I have had it at BBQ places so I don’t know why I haven’t made it at home! Oh Seth and his cheese…no wonder him and I get along so well :)

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