Yes, We’re Still Here

I know I am behind. This is borderline atrocious. The good news is that I turned in grades for my spring classes yesterday. The bad news is that I have another one that starts Monday and I haven’t prepared yet.

So in true Mary fashion, I have put on my procrastination belt and am sharing some pictures. This was a really challenging week with the boys…lots of crying (always at the same time – funny how that happens!)…lots of tantrums…lots of time out (for both Jake and Mommy! Ha).  Also ironic that this is happening around Mother’s Day.

But I’ll talk about that later.

Last weekend my dad and sister Emily came to visit us.  The boys especially enjoyed their visit and the extra attention!

It was rare that both boys were sitting still so I had to take a picture.  They loved playing with Grandpa!

Both boys want to be held constantly lately.  Drew’s separation anxiety has gotten worse and I think Jake gets jealous because Drew is getting more attention.  So it was a welcome surprise that Drew let his Aunt Emily get lots of cuddles with him and gave my arms a little break. :)

Would’ve been cute if Jake’s finger had left his nose.  Any ideas on how to discourage a strong-willed child from nose picking?? :)
We had a great time and were sad to see them go.  Unfortunately Uncle Kyle couldn’t join them this time but I know the boys will love to see him in a few weeks for Drew’s birthday!
Drew’s birthday.  Sniff.

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