You Know How I Know…

What do you get when you mix a lake house, Nintendo Wii, boats, babies, bikinis, and adults ranging in age from 24 (and 2/3) to 30ish (you’re old, Andy)?

Complete and total immaturity.

I jest. Sort of. And who can forget the 8 mos. and 2 mos. olds who also blessed us with their presence???

It’s funny how a trip to the lake can whisk you back in time to the days of yore. The days of fun in the sun, summers off, no worries or cares, complete freedom (as long as you were home in time for dinner).

The Samfords so graciously invited us to their family house on Inks Lake this past weekend. It was quite the trip, but really…what is another weekend of traveling for us? And I know you’re worried about the dogs. Always have to wonder about them. They had a fab weekend as well. Tucker stayed with Aunt Jessie & Uncle Kyle, and Maggie got to enjoy some alone time (with overpriced doggy playtimes) at the kennel.

I took lots of pictures. Those and commentary will of course appear below.

Me, Melissa, Sheila (and baby), Georgia, Kim. Old pros with all this lake business.
Matt, Garrett, Sam, & Seth. The random hotties that drove us around and cooked us breakfast.
So this thing was AWESOME! Well…it was at least until I find out it’s actually been banned. As in, pulled from the stores. Advised against. Not sold anymore. Oh but who is that stopping? We already had one! Too bad I didn’t get any good pictures but we scored some serious air time with this water wonder. And I’m usually pretty modest, but I have to admit I kicked some serious boootaaaay with the kite tube. Serious. Boys didn’t stand a chance.

Macie the pirate. Did you know that small children can tear up things just like puppies? She totally demolished her bow…and creatively sported the material that was left. What a fashion queen.

And when I said fashion queen…I meant it. Matching suit, hat, AND flops! Precious.

Seth “cliff-diving”. And I know this doesn’t look that high, but it is. Freakishly high. Yours truly got the bright idea to follow along shortly after. I mean, it’s just a cliff. Never mind the fact it was sorta hard to climb up there. Never mind the fact it was really really high. But I had mastered the high dive at Jack Carter Pool in Plano when I was just a wee tot so really this would be a piece of cake.

…I basically did a butt flop. Pictures to come. I am more than sore. Luckily my rear end is still intact.

Matt, Macie, Seth, Andy, & Garrett chillin‘ on the boat
Whoop! Gotta love graffiti!
Kim’s 2nd appearance on the blog and she’s sleeping again. I must wear her out. She took a nap with Macie while the rest of us went wakeboarding.

Like mother, like daughter!

These babes we met during our stay. I just had to snap a quick picture.
Garrett decided to master the cliff while Andy & Seth cheered him on.
Sweet, precious, wide-eyed Addison! She didn’t catch as many rays this time around, but hopefully next time she’ll be on the water skis.

Sly little smile
Sam, the daddy-to-be, practicing his sweet babysitting skills.

All in all, a great weekend! It was so much fun to get away (I mean gosh, it’s been over a month since we were in Hawaii) and we will do everything we can to make more friends with lake/beach/river/mountain houses :) Thanks Matt, Georgia, & Macie for having us!!!!!!!

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