You Would Do It Too…

I just realized that I purposely don’t push the “cat” sound button on Jake’s exersaucer because I hate cats. And maybe I subconsciously think it will save us from any “Mommy, can I have a kitty cat??” questions in the future.

Goodness, I hope this doesn’t backfire on me.

Good thing there’s not a picture of a hamster.

2 thoughts on “You Would Do It Too…

  1. yes, i would totally do that. we gave scarlett one of those weid zhu zhu pets hoping it would serve as a substitute pet but no dice. she says she wants a “real” one. i told her she has a brother instead.
    and her “one wish” on her school paper for student of the week was a cat. keep dreamin’ girl.
    i can’t believe how big jake is already…so precious!!

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