You’d Want to Look Good Too…

Tonight when I was in the kitchen…one second I was fine…the next I was doubled over in pain. Pure, gut-wrenching, stabbing pain. It took my breath away and I barely made it to the couch.

Thank you round ligament pains!

Kim is the only person I’ve heard talk about these…silly me, I thought I’d already been having some ligament pain but not like tonight. It brought me to tears. Which isn’t saying a lot but I promise, this was awful. It wrapped around my entire lower abdomen and back…even my right leg was throbbing. It lasted about an hour and finally faded.

This basically means my uterus is growing and the ligaments are stretching and thickening to support it. So I guess it’s all for the greater good but MY WORD.

Little Baby A got a talkin’ to, don’t worry.

There were a few minutes where I was afraid we were going to have to head to the hospital. And you know what my main concern was?

I had just washed my face and taken off all my makeup.

Would I be able to reapply all the makeup and fix my hair before we reached the ER?

Luckily it didn’t come to that. But next time I’ll know. Just leave the makeup on.

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